Tearful Laughter ..Feb 4- March 5

We all remember the story of the ” Da kink in my hair” . All those barbershop scenes about Caribbean  families and their struggles in Canada, that made you laugh and cry at the same time. Critics are raving about this new play ” How Black Mothers say I love you “ So I plan to grab some ladies in my family and go for some laughter & tears . It runs Feb 4- March 5. It should be fun!!



What’s happening in the Tdot! (This Month)

black-history-is-american-historyWater Carry Me Go (Feb. 5-12)

Water Carry Me Go is a fashion installation that showcases water-themed garments made by Afro-diasporic designers. If you want to amp up your viewing experience, see the exhibit on Friday during the ROM’s #FNL event (February 5th’s edition is a tribute to Bob Marley, so expect a killer soundtrack).

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Marketplace in Brampton Feb 11, 2017.

For Us by Us Marketplace


Sat February 11, 2017

6:00 PM – 10:00 PM

173 Advance Blvd Unit 26


LocatBrampton 173 Advanced Blvd Advanced Blvd Unit Brampton, O1Brampton, ON L6T 4N3

There is always the need to encourage and support our community based businesses and events. This market place is about showcasing our amazing businesses and ideas all under one roof. Interesting discussions is also  slated to be a part of his event. I am sure you can make some great contacts as you never know when you will need to pull for that card/ contact  and use that info. So let’s get out and enjoy this marketplace event for Black History Month Celebration.


Enjoying an evening out at the tail end of Winterlicious 2017. 

As Winterlicious 2017 comes to a close we find ourselves nestled in a quent Italian  restaurant called CUCINA. Nestled in the cabbage town area on Gerrard street east. Our evening begins with delightful serving of lobster and artichoke dip along with creamy mushroom and truffle soup.

Main course was seared salmon fettuccuni yum 👌and the wine selection was equally as good for such a lite meal, sparkling white wine. A three course meal would not be complete without dessert of layered apple cake.

To an amazing evening : we say food was good , atmosphere just as amazing and as always wine matters with everything. 

Redemption.. a night of some real good ole reggae music

Going to redemption used to be the place to go to back in the days. Now I haven’t bee here in at least 10years but the funny thing is it hasnt changed . Same good vibe and good juggling. Just niceness !!!        Thanks for the invite Andrea Haynes @makemyeventhappen#toronto #redemption #goodvibes #reggaemusic #