Private Labels for Christmas 

Subject: Private Labels for Christmas
The Personal Touch at Christmas time
Just about now you are thinking about your Christmas gifting ideas. Thinking of what to do to make it special and unique. PRIVATE LABELLING will give your Christmas gift that personal touch. Whether using your company logo, a picture that captured that special moment or a special greeting. It’s a great way to impress your clients and your loved ones.

All you need is a digital copy of your company logo, picture or quote and we will do the rest. So, are you ready for that gift idea with that personal touch?

Place your wine order and have your very own PRIVATE LABELS for Christmas.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for your order to be completed. See sample attached!!

For more details, please contact:
Karen 416 727 3974
Frankie 647 839 5944

Wine matters……with everything


June 10.. National Rosè wine day

Saturday June 10 is NATIONAL ROSÉ DAY.

Rosé is probably the oldest known type of wine, dating back as far as 600 BC. Rosé wines are generally made from red grapes and are very versatile wines that complement many types of food. The pink color of Rosé wine depends on the time the grape skin stays in contact with the juice.

Celebrate National Rosé Day by having a bottle of Rosé wine with family & friends and share your celebration with us.  Cheers 

WM Supper Hour April 29, 2017

What can be said about it. We had vision of hosting an event; pairing wines and food. So ….Welcome to WM Supper Hour

The wines featured at dinner were Merlot, Zinfandel, Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Sangiovese and a full body Grand Reserve. 

The food pairing was well chosen. Merlot and Gewürztraminer paired with the appetizer .. ceaser salad and brushetta.  

Grand Reserve and Reiseling paired with the main course, Chicken breast with a Cajun rub with a mushroom/ pesto cream sauce along with salmon filet topped with a mango chutney. 

Zinfandel and Sangiovese finished off the evening with-cranberry goat cheese and fruits  accompanied with cheese cake (not any kind but Moms secret recipe)
The evening’s great success was the sentiments of everyone who attended. 

Shout out to

 the Family whose support made it a success 

We look forward to hosting the next Supper Hour soon.


Night out on the Town..Feb18/17.

We decided to check out Toronto’s  first light festival at the Distillary District. It was pretty disappointing in its delivery but the concept was good so I do hope the city  does a better job in the future.  I may have set myself up for a disappointment because I anticipated a spectacular light exhibit as advertised but I didn’t  get it this time. I do hope they do have it next year where it’s bigger and better .  What I am always proud of, is that people are always ready and willing to explore this amazing city. The pedestrian traffic was a constant flow. That into itself  generated it’s own energy to make the walk through the exhibits enjoyable none the less. Even the lack lustre of the light show couldn’t dampen it.


However being down town we headed off  to one our of favourite late night spots, Joe Mama’s for good food and live jazz/blues music. Only to find it is closed indefinitely. This makes you wonder if live entertainment is another casualty  of urban development you be the judge. Nonetheless we were able to go to the sister restaurant Nawlins  and got the same food and music which made the night all worth while. Blacken Chicken Breast done cajun style, Blacken Salmon with a cajun rub and dersert chocolate cake yummy.




How could we come downtown and not checkout our little secret hideaway ( Thymeless resturant and Bar…. a little Jamaican gem hidden in the heart of the city ) to get some true authentic reggae music, not dance hall just some true cultural homegrown music . What was interesting was having cascausion woman spinning the music. I was surprise and in awe but was pleased to see girl power in action. I heard she is actually a lawyer downtown but I guess she just loves her reggae music really bad.To spend her weekend emersed in true reggae culture. A great night out

Giving it all

This is the post excerpt.

This project is long over due. I love beating the streets and trying new foods and finding great treasures in the city. I just thought it would be a great idea to share it. I have always been the go to person for events..SO hear I am.

Stay buzzed in…