Jully Black Event..Sat April 8

“Empowered in my skin” was the theme of this event..It’s 8:30 am  and upon arriving at this event,  the energy of everyone just hits you.  A room full of Sistas ( and Frankie😁).. .the vibe and energy is bouncing off-the-wall

Just being in a room like this , you know something BIG is about to go down. 

Well it was BIG. Talk about it being a motivational,  thought provoking, emotionally charged yet a very thearauputic experience to say the least.  200+ women a room, been open, and supportive  and encouraging and vulnerable.  It was a like observing a flock of geese, creating space for each woman to be protected and shielded as they move forward and upward, as they shatter their own glass ceilings. They let it all hang out. In other words, they exhaled. 

All the speakers  had great food for thought that provided food for the soul. Jully Black….., what can I say? She was powerful. She was shameless. She was void of a mask , her cloak or her double. She was in her truth. She was Jully Black being her true self. 

It was truly a day of unmasking and reclaiming who we are. Time Well Spent in great company. 

Answer this simple question if you dare….

“If you had 10 mins left to live and you could choose 1 person to talk to …. . WHO would if be and WHAT would you say?”

WM Upcoming Events-April- June 2017.

The next few weeks will be exciting for us as we are planning a few events

April 29.. Supper Club Wine Dinner

June 3.. 3rd annual Garden Party

June 24.. wine tour to an emerging wine area ….in Norfolk County.. Simcoe

Enjoy a 3 course meal paired with 2 wine samples with each course. This evening is about showcasing simple yet esquistly tasty meals, paired ….with wines. Join us as we travel with you on an exciting wine experience…

Date: April 29 .. 6pm (sharp) -9pm
Cost $30.00
RSVP and Payment by April 23

Seating will only be confirmed once payment is received. Payment can be sent via E transfer to winematters57@yahoo.ca or contact me to arrange for direct deposit

Please use “wines1” as the password


Our 3rd annual Garden Party, will of course mean a back yard BBQ by our resident chef. Mouth watering BBQ done in our Jerk Centre, add salmon, along with backyard favorites. All is else that is needed is a glass of wine or a glass of our very own one of a kind sangria. You will have a unique experience no doubt. So come and enjoy with us.


Simcoe in Norfolk County, is a little secret in Ontario’s wine Community. It’s a little hidden gem. So why not go see what we can find?. This trip will include a tour  to a winery with a Lavender field that even boast its own essential oils distillery and few other surprises. We will make 4-5 stops ( time permitting)
Date: June 24, 2017

Cost $65 (Lunch included)

– More details TBA

When Sister speaks

Power of words when spoken from the heart when intermingled with emotions.

Words has the power to describe the deep inner turmoil that resides within, hoping to erupt in freedom from hatred, explotation and frustration. It’s power can cataplute you to a place of transformation, peace and self love leading to liberation. These poets are artist, they are real. They embody the meaning of  the strength, beauty and truth about women..black women in all our glory.

Another Black History Month has come and gone. What have you learnt?

“Black History Month began as “Negro History Week,” which was created in 1926 by Carter G. Woodson, a noted African American historian, scholar, educator, and publisher. It became a month-long celebration in 1976. The month of February was chosen to coincide with the birthdays of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln”

‘Why is it that Black History Month Celebration happens on the shortest month of the year?  There is the answer, in short.

I think that we should not focus on the length of the month, be it short or long, but rather see it as an opportunity to share. Yes, there exist this amazing platform, to learn more and to share more of what we learn.  No doubt we should be doing that every day or at every given chance we get, but let’s be realistic, in the midst of our chaotic and busy lives, that is not going to happen at ALL times…

So when February comes around and we have a whole vast of events, activities, entertainment etc. ,that is Black History focused, take the opportunity  to get out and get that extra information, that either you had no time to get for yourself, or wasn’t even aware of and in turn share that information so others can learn as well and be empowered. Believe it or not, when February comes around, people are in that BHM state of mind and with social media we can share so much more.

BHM 2017, was the same for me as every other year.  I enjoyed a few events,  met a few amazing people and expanded my knowledge a bit more. This year, I learned about the Black Wall Street. That imagery and story will stay with me for quite a while. This was shared via social media and I am so blessed to have been a part of that circle.

So now that the “public” celebration of BHM 2017 is wrapped up for another year, share with us what is the one thing you have learnt this year that you didn’t know before or something that has changed you in one way or another. This story has impacted me and I am sharing it in the hope of knowledge gain is knowledge shared. Remember always Black History is World History.




Another interesting weekend in Toronto. Feb 24- Mar 4, 2017

Art and entertainment in Toronto is alive and well, …..food for the soul. Whether it’s in the form of live theatre production or spoken word you can find it in the city, our city T’dot. This coming week is no exception,  with live theatre and poetry sessions. See the links below for events.