D’bi idea of social activism is fresh look on yester year reason why reggae was born to awaken the mind to renew our view of the environment, human reconnection with each other 


BHM Treasures

Recently, I read this article about Voila Desmond. I had no idea of who she was, but when I read that she was going to be the face of the Canadian $10 note 2018 , I thought this has to be big and she must had does some amazing work. Now realizing that we had our own Canadian Rosa Parks. She predates the Rosa Parks that we all hear of in the USA. Right here in Canada, Viola Desmond too, did  her own fight for basic human rights.


Giving it all

This is the post excerpt.

This project is long over due. I love beating the streets and trying new foods and finding great treasures in the city. I just thought it would be a great idea to share it. I have always been the go to person for events..SO hear I am.

Stay buzzed in…

What’s happening in the Tdot! (This Month)

Month: February

Winter season, on an average, is not what most of us enjoy . However, there are still a few interesting things that can keep you busy. Here are just a few things that you will find interesting.

Winterlicious: Jan 27-Feb 9.  Anything to do where I can get food & Wine, I am all game. Winterlicious is the opportunity to actual venture in restaurants that you probably would not have gone to or think of trying. During Winterlicious, it somehow gives the notion of affordability. So, if you haven’t participated in this before, check out it and let me hear your thoughts, we would love to hear about where you went and your experience.


Black History Month Events

Everyday for me is Black History Day, as that’s the skin I am in. However, there are always different platforms for you to participate in a few events. The City does provide some interesting events that is certainly worth checking out.  Attached are some links of a few things, keep us updated if you do venture out

Toronto Black Film Festival Feb 15-Feb 19– In the past they have had some great foreign films/ Documentary that is worth checking out.





Caliban Theatre Presents……..

Friday February 17, 2017 @ 8pm

In the mood for an evening of great Jazz music?

The Caliban Arts Theatre presents  Chicago’s Ethnic Heritage Ensemble live @the Remix 1305 Dundas Street W..

For more info check out the website