May 24 Long weekend.. PEC

May 2 4 long weekend found us in Prince Edward County, Ontario.  It’s has become our little hide away place on a few occasions and of course it’s wine country which makes it even better. We have made a few friendships in PEC, so it good to check in from time to time.  This weekend is also a  mini getaway  for a birthday celebration. A little moment to unwind. 

Mother’s Day 2017

Mother’s Day!!..Today I am grateful to have my Mother and family on our annual Mother’s Day breast cancer walk in Mississauga. I am truly blessed to have her with me.

I am reminded of this quote “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made Mothers”. However our usual team of 4 was down to 3 as my daughther had to work but she was with us in spirit. This cancer walk was very special to us, we did it in loving memeory of a coworker of mine that past away from breast cancer.

After a 5km walk we were treated to brunch by our resident chef,. The meal was comprised of a spring salad with toasted walnuts, grapes and cranberry crusted goat cheese, serve along side a delightful meal of tiger sprimp, sauted with red onions chilli pepper flakes and escahllion in a mushroom white wine sauce. This is served in a rimickin dish topped with mashed potatoes garnished with chilli pepper powder and feta chesse.

This is certainly a meal worth coming home to.. Yummy  Yummy!!!.. and of course the  meal would not be complete without wine. To top it off my son greeted each of us ladies with a bouquet of roses. What more could I had ask for ?.. Nothing . Over all the day was great and time well spent.


We were ranging from ages 15-19, when my siblings and I migrated from Jamaica. 1985 was the year things changed for my family in many ways. How my mother maneuvered four teenagers at that time still baffles me, but she did. Fast forward to present day. Celebrations of 50th birthdays seems to be the highlight of gatherings these days. Since December 2016, I have been a part of a few 50th birthday celebrations.  Its started with a highschool friend , and then one of my very own siblings also joined the elite group. The celebrations just seem to keep on going. This weekend May 6 &7, I was invited to two more “Fabulously Fifty” celebrations. One of the celebrants was another of my highschool friend

The year 1985 seemed to have been a big wave for immigration from the carribean in general,  at least for the people I  know turning 50. Schoolmates , acquaintances , friends  and family. My son said it should have been dubbed,  “immigration of 85″.­čśÇ As I arrived at school in September 1985, I met people from all corners of the world who has just migrated within that year and some merly months or even weeks apart. A group of us connected then and have stuck it out throughout the years . Here we are and have come again together to celebrate, life and friendships.

Turning 50, was usually a dreaded moment  with sad tears and sometimes feeling depressed. But going to these parties,  I realise how celebrants are showing appreciation for turning 50. They are high on life and they certainly do look Fabulous. Forty is looking more like “the new 30″as I have been hearing quite often. People seem to have this heightened sense of self awarenes. They are full of energy, full of life. Its almost as if they are glowing. It is so infectious. I am not quite there yet, but close enough. I must admit I have been one of those people who, in the past,  dreaded the thought of becoming 50. As I matured though, I have a more appreciative mindset, seeing it more like priveledge and a sense of  gratitude . So with God’s grace when I get there I will welcome it with open arms.  Whatever reservations I may have had, being around these people have changed that. Whatever the journey, good or bad, the 50th boat has docked for many and it is heading my way.

So to those of you who have arrived at the 50th train station.. keep the trains on track as the rest of us is still on the way. ­čśÇ

Blessed 50th

WM Supper Hour April 29, 2017

What can be said about it. We had vision of hosting an event; pairing wines and food. So ….Welcome to WM Supper Hour

The wines featured at dinner were Merlot, Zinfandel, Riesling, Gew├╝rztraminer, Sangiovese and a full body Grand Reserve. 

The food pairing was well chosen. Merlot and Gew├╝rztraminer paired with the appetizer .. ceaser salad and brushetta.  

Grand Reserve and Reiseling paired with the main course, Chicken breast with a Cajun rub with a mushroom/ pesto cream sauce along with salmon filet topped with a mango chutney. 

Zinfandel and Sangiovese finished off the evening with-cranberry goat cheese and fruits  accompanied with cheese cake (not any kind but Moms secret recipe)
The evening’s great success was the sentiments of everyone who attended. 

Shout out to

 the Family whose support made it a success 

We look forward to hosting the next Supper Hour soon.