New Adventures.. Soul Food 2018

For many of you that had the opportunity to spend time with my family you know we celebrate everything. There is always food and wine of course.

My mother who has been the Matriarch of the family,… handed over the torch of cooking for the family to my sister, who gladly accepted it without reservation . It was a seemless transition and over the years you could see it happening.

My sister cooks with so much love, she does a little “happy dance” just as she begins to cook. Now as the summer creeps around the corner she is ready to start BBQing. She sees the sun and she is ready to go. For most they love to cook while watching others enjoy their food.. oh no .. not my sister she is ready to eat with us as if she did not cook. She enjoys her own work, that itself doesn’t happen very often.

Every summer, as I watch her doing her thing I often wonder what it would be like for her to share her passion for cooking with others. She hates BBQ on the regular propane BBQ grill, she much rather the charcoal for flavour . And when you have her Jerk Chicken and BBQ chicken you understand why. It taste like Jamaica, it brings you back home to the islands.

So we decided to make a bold move to take our family resident chef on the road. She has inspired us to get a Food Truck. Yes for summer 2018, we are taking my sister and her love for cooking on the road for a adventure.

Check us out @wm_catering


WM Catering Food Truck


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