August 2017

August is usually a busy month for me because it’s my birthday month, and as such it is a month long celebration. August 2017 was just as busy as it was unique. It was  a month of new experiences.

August 19 weekend . I have always wanted to do a cottage weekend with the family . It happened. The family had a weekend at # bayofquinte near Belleville, Ontario. It was a beautiful and we’ll deserved weekend.  We relaxed, BBQed,  played games and just be present in the moment and enjoyed each other.

August 26 wknd. The big celebration. My family celebrates everyone’s birthdays with dinner with good soul food, but this year I decided to have an actual birthday party. It turned out very well. It was a blast.  I even ended up doing a double birthday party with a friend who celebrated his birthday in the same week as me. That was a blast. Thanks to my fams as usual for their continous support because it went off with out a hitch and we all enjoyed.

August 31 weekend…Choosing United States as a vacation spot has never been a first choice for me. However, my family was having a birthday party so my Mom, my partner and I headed off to Fort Lauderdale for a vacation. I had no idea that Fort Lauderdale was hot hot hot!!!! All day long the high  humidity and heat really gets you. I was drunk on heat so I slept a lot😴. Well deserved rest. We planned to go to #miamibeach for a few days. I was excited because I had not been there before, so I thought it would be cooler in Miami Beach but boy was I wrong. Miami Beach was much hotter and more humid than Fort Lauderdale.

While in Miami,  the talk about hurricane Irma was not as open as it was back in Fort Lauderdale but signs of prepardness was some what visible. It was like another day in Miami beach.. food, beach and shopping. The streets were still active  with night lifers. We decided to cut short our Miami trip and head back to Fort Lauderdale.  It took us about 90 mins to get back.  We had enough gas to get us home but we were told to top up before we headed out.  It was unbelievable that for 90 mins we past about 10 gas station but only 2 had gas. And you can only imagine the line up and the wait time to get gas. We did not bother to stop but headed out thinking things would be better in Fort Lauderdale. No surprise there, no gas either.  We eventually got some gas but it took time and planning 😁.  Things were getting a bit chaotic all around us. Everyone is now talking about hurricane preparedness  and evacuation but of course  as a Bramptonite,  this didnt mean much or hit home until things start happening around us. 

By the time we got back to Fort Lauderdale, people was boarding up homes and fixing shutters. Neighbours started checking in on each other and just the commardery with everyone was refreshing. 

My family decided to evacuate to Maryland for safety.  Maryland is 18hrs away but based on traffic it took then 24 hours. I felt no fear of the impending hurricane. Maybe its a bit of naivety on my part or maybe because I knew that in a few hours I would be safely back in Canada. 👍#westjet. Nonetheless for a moment while helping my family get ready for their road trip, I felt a bit helpless because there is nothing else I can do for them. In the quietness of my mind I am saying how brave these people are. Making that heart wrenching decision to leave their  homes, not knowing what will happen or even if they have a home when they return. That is bravery. That is faith. In the end I am grateful be a part of my family hurricane preparedness. It was truly an experience to witness not only a physical process but also and emotional one as well.  I am glad I was able to help if it’s even for a little.

Getting ready to head out to the airport on thursday September 8, the place had an eerie feeling . The place was rather vacant due to start of the evacuation . We got to the airport (Fort Lauderdale ) and it was quieter than I expected. Our flight ended up being be a 4hr delay. We finally boarded the flight at 5pm only for the pilot to tell us that we are #25 out of 40 planes waiting to take off. What?? Yep this means at least another 1hr of waiting on the plane. So of course we patiently waited our turn because at that point I am pretty sure everyone was just relieved that they are heading home.

During our wait , a silly passenger decided to assault a flight attendant and was removed from the plane.. stupid!!!. I am sure he wished he could be in Canada now ..away from the hurricane chaos …

This trip was a great experience.  I am glad my family headed out soon ahead of the main evacuation and are in a safer place to ride out hurricane Irma

So let’s continue to pray for the safety of all families that will be affected by the hurricane. 



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