Summer kick off..June 18 wknd

With the hot weather finally  here and looks like it’s sticking around, I headed to my first series of festivals. On Friday June 16, my daughter  and I checked out the Taste of Toronto which was  a bit disappointing.  The entrance fee was a bit much and the food was no more than sampling portions.  Plus it rained and cut our evening short. Nonetheless, It was still a blast hanging out.

On sat June 17. Me , my sis , mom and her girlfriend headed to Mississauga Waterfront Festival in Port credit #Mississauga. It was  a great evening just hanging out in the midway and taking a stroll along the waterfront. Ending the nite without satisfying your sweet tooth would be meaningless. We bumped into an amazing little booth that served us up a dessert to die for.. waffles and shakes combo with endless amount of fresh fruit topping either ice cream and whip cream. Yum yummy.. #fruititup.. Drew, the owner,  killed it with  great service  It is certainly a great way to top off the nite and the weekend.

Check out these beauties…#sexymachines


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