Jully Black Event..Sat April 8

“Empowered in my skin” was the theme of this event..It’s 8:30 am  and upon arriving at this event,  the energy of everyone just hits you.  A room full of Sistas ( and Frankie😁).. .the vibe and energy is bouncing off-the-wall

Just being in a room like this , you know something BIG is about to go down. 

Well it was BIG. Talk about it being a motivational,  thought provoking, emotionally charged yet a very thearauputic experience to say the least.  200+ women a room, been open, and supportive  and encouraging and vulnerable.  It was a like observing a flock of geese, creating space for each woman to be protected and shielded as they move forward and upward, as they shatter their own glass ceilings. They let it all hang out. In other words, they exhaled. 

All the speakers  had great food for thought that provided food for the soul. Jully Black….., what can I say? She was powerful. She was shameless. She was void of a mask , her cloak or her double. She was in her truth. She was Jully Black being her true self. 

It was truly a day of unmasking and reclaiming who we are. Time Well Spent in great company. 

Answer this simple question if you dare….

“If you had 10 mins left to live and you could choose 1 person to talk to …. . WHO would if be and WHAT would you say?”


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