Night out on the Town..Feb18/17.

We decided to check out Toronto’s  first light festival at the Distillary District. It was pretty disappointing in its delivery but the concept was good so I do hope the city  does a better job in the future.  I may have set myself up for a disappointment because I anticipated a spectacular light exhibit as advertised but I didn’t  get it this time. I do hope they do have it next year where it’s bigger and better .  What I am always proud of, is that people are always ready and willing to explore this amazing city. The pedestrian traffic was a constant flow. That into itself  generated it’s own energy to make the walk through the exhibits enjoyable none the less. Even the lack lustre of the light show couldn’t dampen it.


However being down town we headed off  to one our of favourite late night spots, Joe Mama’s for good food and live jazz/blues music. Only to find it is closed indefinitely. This makes you wonder if live entertainment is another casualty  of urban development you be the judge. Nonetheless we were able to go to the sister restaurant Nawlins  and got the same food and music which made the night all worth while. Blacken Chicken Breast done cajun style, Blacken Salmon with a cajun rub and dersert chocolate cake yummy.




How could we come downtown and not checkout our little secret hideaway ( Thymeless resturant and Bar…. a little Jamaican gem hidden in the heart of the city ) to get some true authentic reggae music, not dance hall just some true cultural homegrown music . What was interesting was having cascausion woman spinning the music. I was surprise and in awe but was pleased to see girl power in action. I heard she is actually a lawyer downtown but I guess she just loves her reggae music really bad.To spend her weekend emersed in true reggae culture. A great night out


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